Swim Center

We have a full size, indoor heated pool for your pup to play in. It is 4 feet deep and has wide steps to give your dog confidence going in and out of the pool.

The Benefits of Water…

Warm water and swimming has been proven to loosen joints, relax muscles, and reduce stress, pain and anxiety. It is used as a healing agent and increases the body’s range of motion. Swimming is a superb low-impact exercise and an excellent cardiac exercise.  Geriatric, arthritic, overweight and handicapped dogs benefit from swimming as they can be free to move their bodies differently than on land.  Swimming is an excellent activity to get a post-surgical dog back into shape and work atrophied muscles and limbs.

Dog playing in swimming pool with tennis ball
All Swims are by Appointment
Private Self Swim

$30 for 30 minutes ($5 for each additional family dog)

Your dog must be able to enter and exit the pool without assistance.  Please check with your veterinarian prior to starting a rehabilitation swim program.