Barkside’s Day Camp is the Place to Be!

Small dog day camp: 8 am – 6 pm Monday thru Friday
Large dog day camp: 10 am – 12pm, 1 pm – 3 pm Monday thru Friday

It’s time to bring your dog to Barkside Lodge for a day of running, jumping, and playing with friends! We have indoor and outdoor play areas, special rubber matting on the floor to protect knees and joints, playground equipment designed especially for dogs, lots of toys to play with, and experienced staff who love to keep the dogs entertained. When the weather permits, we have shallow doggie pools for the dogs to cool off and splash in.  Our day camp allows dogs to burn off energy in a fun and safe environment. You can focus on work or vacation, while your dog meets and greets new and old friends and enjoys simply being a dog. Some features that make our day camp right for your dog are:

dogs playing in outdoor play area

LOTS OF PLAY TIME. Our small dog camp is up front near the reception area where the dogs are out with the staff the entire day! For large dog camp we provide up to 4 hours of playtime each day, with a noon-time break that gives them time to reenergize for the afternoon play session and reduces crankiness that often comes with overstimulation.

PROPER PARTICIPANT SCREENING. All dogs must pass a temperament screening before being admitted into our program. Participants must also be current on all vaccinations. To ensure that all dogs have a fun and safe experience, we reserve the right to deny participation in our program to any dog we do not feel is appropriate for group play.

Portrait of two young dogs in grass

QUALIFIED STAFF.  Only well-trained staff work in our day camp program. We work with each camp employee through in-house training and external educational courses to ensure a safe and a fun day camp experience for your dog.

DISCOUNTS FOR FREQUENT GUESTS. We love our frequent day campers and to prove it we offer discounts to camp parents who purchase multiple camp or pool visits. Our current pricing is:

  • Small dog day camp: $22 per day ($12 for 1/2 day – 4 hours or less)
  • Large dog day camp: $27 per day ($15 for 1/2 day)

Please check with us on discounts for additional dogs in the same family.

If you purchase a package, you will receive an additional credit to your account as shown below. You may use your package for day camp and pool time ONLY.

  • $100 – $199: Extra 10% credit to use for day camp or pool time
  • $200 – $299: Extra 15% credit to use for day camp or pool time
  • $300+: Extra 20% credit to use for day camp or pool time